Prayer Topics

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Common Prayer Topics
? Dr. John Jun health, language & Holy Spirit
? 1 house church in every US /Canada campus
? UBF may double leaders and W.S. attendants by 2010
? UBF may send 100,000 missionaries by 2041(Muslim world, China, N Korea)
? Local leaders in each chapter/nation
? Uganda (Drs. Samuel Yoo & Luke Lim) ? place for visiting missionaries and doctors

South Central Region Prayer Topics
? Portland (Jason Schooler) ? SWS
? Stanford (Tony Tsai)
? IUS (Paul Joe Wert) ? NKU job
? UK (John Doty) ? retain the word
? NKU (Andrew Martin)
? Irvine, CA (Gary Fensel)
? North Carolina 2 (Caleb Kim) ? move to Cin. in Jan
? UMKC (Noah Rhee) ? 12 disc, 12 HNW
? Memphis (David Cho) ? directorship transition to Paul Kim/M. Mary?s pharmacist job
? Arlington Texas (Joshua Choo) ? M. Gloria?s health
? Atlanta ? John Jo, TOEFL, pharmacist job
? Penn State ? David Lemmon

Cincinnati Prayer Topics
? Medical/Dental mission: China project
? Exodus study in 2007, lead others out of Egypt
? Registration as a student org. at UC, fishing & 1:1s
? Mustard Seed Fellowship/living together min.
? To support other chapters in South Central region
? 120 Bible teachers by 2013 (?to send out workers into his harvest field?)
? 5:30 am prayer & Daily bread
? Distant coworkers ? Sarah H. Miller, Sam Zun, Sarah Zun, Bob Preest (may come back in 1 yr.)

World Mission:
? Botswana (Timothy Chung)
? Ethiopia (John Angam)
? Kenya (Mark Yoon)
? Nigeria () ? Msn. Peter Park may return soon
? Egypt (Oyor Moses)
? Asia National Directors? Conf (1/16-1/18)
? Hong Kong to pioneer 7 campuses in HK
? Japan to buy a new Tokyo center by 2008
? India (Jimmy Lee) ? New Year Leaders? Conf (12/31-1/1), 5 house churches, 12 Matthew Team disciples
? Sri Lanka (Barnabus Baek) ? one Abraham and Sarah, PhD studies, learn English and Sinhala
? Singapore (Joshua Hong)
? Indonesia (Peter Lee) To build a new Bible Center
? Australia ? Sydney (Mark Lee), Canberra (Joshua Lee), Melbourne (Joseph Sim, Joseph Yang)
CIS Nations
? 2007 CIS directors? conference
? Moscow (Stephen Kim) Bible center construction, Bowman Tech. College Pioneering (M. Gideon Kim)
? Astana, Kazahkstan (David Byun)
? Kiev, Ukraine () ? new Bible house construction
? Kharkov, Ukraine (Jacob Patriyuk) 1 Ab. & Sarah
? Almaty, Kazahkstan (Abraham Staas)
? European directors? meeting in 2007: to learn Jesus? disciple training ministry from Mark?s gospel
? Germany (Kaleb Hong) 7,000 house churches
? Bulgaria (James Kang)
? Macedonia (Barnabas Kang) self-supporting
? Sweden (John Ju) to begin campus ministry in Northern Europe
? England (Paul Ridge, Ian Kaier)
? Belgium (Joshua Lee) Mark?s gospel study & Sunday message
? Romania (John Jung)
? Austria (James Han) M. Daniel Yang?s student visa
? Denmark (Caleb Lee) Copenhagen U. pion.
? Hungary (Andrew Kim) lodging and tour guide business
? Norway (Joseph Jin) Language
? Poland (Elijah Park) campus fishing
? Greece (Paul Lee) stimatis
? Serbia (Daniel Koh) 120 SWS attendants
? France (Bruno Aussant)
? Turkey (V. P. Levitsky) 1 Ab., 12 disciples, Turkish language
? Czech Republic (Hannah Shin)
? Portugal (Matthew Singh) Luke?s gospel study, message
Latin America
? El Salvador () - M. Isidro and M. Edith to stay (in danger of deportation)
? Mexico (Abraham Hwang) to pioneer 34 Latin nations
? Argentina (Isaac Cho)
? Costa Rica (Paul Park) first Easter conference next yr
? Honduras (David Kang) to be a tent-making sh.
? Bolivia (Esteban Cho)
? Cuba (Isaiah Kang) his family may join by the end of the year
? Paraguay (John Lee) Sh. Oscar may remain in the school as a professor after graduation
? Colombia (Lucas Cho) 6 new 1:1s and SWS attnts
? Panama (Juan Baek) 10 Panama students may attend SWS
Middle East
? New Year Middle East Directors? Conf. (12/31-1/2)
? Afghanistan (James Ahn) protection from terror and abduction
? Qatar (Joseph Kim)
? Saudi Arabia (Bansuk Baek)
? Israel (Joseph Sohn) Ph. D study
? Lebanon (Studd Cho) Bible study w/ Roger & Salubel
? UAE ? Dubai & Aubudabi
? Kuwait M. E. Lee?s long term visa
? Sudan (Andrew Kim, Moses Marji)

? Harvard pioneering
? Shippensberg 12 disciples of Jesus
? Penn State to find a new church building
? Minneapolis 50 1:1s
? Colombus (Henry Park) 120 disciples of Jesus
? NC Raleigh1 (John Martin)
? Waterloo (Joshua W. Yoon) ? 12 disc. for world mission
? Lehigh (Susan Hong) ? Wesley Jun?s Sun messages, 12 disc of Jesus
Boston Univ (Mark Yoon) - pioneering

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